A new way
to floor

In our continued quest to contribute to the culture of wood as an integral element of architecture and interior design, we are introducing a new timber flooring and joinery range of extraordinary dimensions and patterns — Trace by Storey.

Come on the journey with us.

Complete customisation

Trace by Storey gives architects and designers a completely new way to think about flooring.

Designed to be extraordinary, the luxurious range offers new possibilities for creative expression. It features unique dimensions that differ from traditional options, making it a distinctive and innovative choice for contemporary projects.

With the unique possibility of complete customisation and bespoke finishes, Trace by Storey evokes a sense of rare opulence that caters to the wildest of flooring aspirations.

From wood selection and colouring to finishing and pattern laying, you choose how your Trace floor is created.

With joinery to match, you can easily imagine a staircase adorned with handcrafted balustrades that mirror the elegant patterns and textures of your chosen Trace boards, elevating spaces to new heights of sophistication and coherence.

15m boards from a single, majestic log.
Extended widths up to 60cm.
Custom stair detail options.
Wall-to-wall boards with joinery to match.
The finest of oak

The majestic oak tree is the trusted partner of Trace by Storey.

The extremely durable, long-lasting wood possesses attractive wood grain characteristics that allow for boundless versatility and customisation.

Made to stand the test of time, the oak from Trace by Storey is sourced only from sustainably-managed forests in Europe, beginning with the selection of the finest trunks to bring your projects to life. We take great care to ensure all our products adhere to the highest possible standards in environmental timber flooring and Trace by Storey follows the same embrace for sustainability as all our other floors.

Belgian craftsmanship

Trace by Storey is manufactured entirely in Belgium and is FSC and PEFC certified—with a production team that has evolved its masterful craft over six generations, turning raw logs into divine flooring in colours, patterns and finishes of your choice.

State of the art machinery ensures a premium finish on wooden floors, joinery and staircases.


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