The meticulous care we take in designing our colours equals to the service we provide. We want to make sure your experience with Storey is first-class through every stage of the process.

We specialise in designing, supplying, installing and maintaining Storey floors and our priority is to ensure you choose the most suitable product from our range that with time will become your stage for life.

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A full-service experience

Step 1

Once you decide on a colour, we send our team of experienced floor specialists to undertake a full inspection and assess the scope of works.

Step 2

After you place an order and decide on an installation method we work together to organise the installation and send out our highly qualified floor layers to install your Storey floors.

(If you are using your own installers, we will ensure they meet our installation guidelines to reach a perfect result)

Step 3

Following installation, your experience with Storey doesn’t end. With the guidelines available on our Maintenance page, we help you look after your Storey floors the best way possible.

Underfloor Heating with Storey Floors

At Made by Storey, we take pride in creating timber floors that not only add beauty and warmth to your home but also offer practical benefits. 

Storey floors are an excellent choice for underfloor heating systems, providing a comfortable and energy-efficient solution for heating your home. 

Our floors are carefully crafted to withstand the stress of underfloor heating, with a unique construction that allows for optimal heat transfer and distribution. 

Heating under wooden floorboards is becoming increasingly popular in Australia and our experienced installation teams can advise on both in-slab and above-floor heating systems and how they can be installed with our 15mm thickness boards from both our Touch and Tonal collections. 

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